sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2014

Bolero of Regret

Menchi - Aishuu no Borero ~Shokusu no ne Bolero of Regret

From that day I noticed
the reason that you became close
was that the tenderness of my body was
to your liking
How does this body reflect in those eyes enduring hunger?
If you eat me now, instantly,
so that the meat does not become tough.

In your embracing arms,
if you come holding tightly, the painful
salt and pepper of the kitchen, the shining dull blade,
it's so hateful
More than tomorrow's dreams, this body is suited more for oil.
From that day when I noticed,
that there is no reason for this cursed fate.

No! Really No!
Life is precious! Please!
Stop and think!
Do you have no love for animals in your heart!?
But now, I'm just right for eating.

But no! Please no pain!
No heat! But cook me to the centre,
Don't just eat me raw!

What are you saying? But honestly don't!  
"If you want to escape, escape then" you say!?  You need to add more cabbage.

There's no medium thick sauce!? NO!! 
But, you're going to deliciously eat me? GOD NO!

If you eat me now, do it quick,  
so that the meat does not become tough.