domingo, fevereiro 19, 2006

Christian Love @ $25.00!

ADORABLE "BABY JESUS" DOLL©, A 13" soft vinyl doll that a child can hold, love & take to bed, to give them comfort, knowing that Jesus loves them. A doll they can relate to on their level, a very Special doll!

A "Star" painted in the pupil of the eyes & a non-toxic "Halo" that GLOWS IN THE DARK, makes this beautiful "BABY JESUS" DOLL© different from any other doll. Jesus loves all children regardless of size, color or creed; we are offering our dolls in Caucasian, African American, Dark Hispanic & Latino.

A card is enclosed that says: "I don't talk, I just listen...I don't cry, but please hold me...I don't walk, so please carry me...I love you, please love me...My name is Jesus".

The "BABY JESUS" DOLL© helps a child to remember that Jesus is not just for Christmas but for everyday of our life.

A "Manger" is also available that has a white Shirpa (imitation lambs wool) liner that gives a cloud like effect for the "BABY JESUS" bed.

The price of these adorable "BABY JESUS" DOLLS© are $25.00 each. The "Manger" is priced at $24.50 each, and if you wish to purchase both, the total price is $48.50.

Please specify which doll you want.

"BABY JESUS" DOLL - Shipping & Handling is $8.50

"BABY JESUS" DOLL and the MANGER, Shipping & handling is $9.50.

Please add $5.00 Shipping & Handling for each additional doll going to the same address. Colorado residents must add 3.8% tax.

Only Visa,Master Card & Money Orders are accepted.

Please give your name, address, and telephone number when you order your Dolls, and shipping address if it is a different address from yours. Send all orders to one of the following:

P.O. Box 621144
Littleton,CO. 80162-1144
Local Tele: (303) 797-1099
or Toll Free (800) 656-1099.
Fax: (303) 794-7427

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